Coast Guards and International Maritime Law Enforcement

This book explores various aspects of the roles and responsibilities of coast guards, which are increasingly becoming significant today, and sheds light on their authority and limitations in the course of maritime law enforcement. It is unique in its unraveling of all facets of coast guards, focusing on their law enforcement authority and limitations from a practical perspective. It details the principles and procedures that coast guard officers are required to follow in the course of international law at sea by examining treaties, conventions, international rulings, and theories.

The text employs a comparative study of national coast guards and a review of cases concerning international maritime law enforcement. It provides practical insights into coast guards and their law enforcement, based on the author’s career experience and service as a Commissioner General in the Korea Coast Guard. As such, this book will serve as a good reference in practice and contribute to the formulation of guidelines and criteria of maritime law enforcement of coast guards.

Dr Suk Kyoon Kim studied Public Affairs at Hanyang University, South Korea, and went on to receive MPAs at Seoul National University and Indiana University and a PhD in Public Administration at Hanyang University. After 20 years of public service in the Korea Coast Guard and the Ministry of Government Legislation, he has served as an Adjunct Professor at the Hanyang University Graduate School of Public Policy and at Myungji College, South Korea. He has also served as Director General of the Security and Safety Bureau, Regional Commander, Deputy Commissioner and Commissioner General of the Korea Coast Guard. He has published a number of articles in prestigious journals, such as Ocean Development and International Law. He is also the author of Maritime Disputes in Northeast Asia (2017), Global Maritime Safety and Security Issues and East Asia (2019), and The History of Piracy and Navigation (2020).

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