Diabetic Foot Management at the Primary Care Level: An Evidence-Based Approach

Diabetic foot complications are serious, common and often difficult to manage adequately. This book provides a concise, clinically focused approach to the diagnosis and management of the diabetic foot at the primary care level. It is specifically designed to highlight prevention, diagnosis, managing at-risk feet, controlling risk factors, and the latest international guidelines. The book takes a logical and practical primary care-based approach in managing various conditions, including hard calluses, fungal infections, bacterial infections, neuropathy, ulceration, and life-threatening limb conditions.

Dr Hashim Mohamed is an Associate Professor and Senior Consultant of Family Medicine at Weill Cornell Medical College, Qatar. He graduated from the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland in 1993. He is the President of the Gulf Tissue Viability Group, and he has published articles in a range of renowned journals, including Primary Care Diabetes, Journal of Lymphedema, Singapore Medical Journal, and Dermatology Open Journal, among others. His interests include the study of the epidemiology of diabetes and the diabetic foot.

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