Cultural Tourism and Heritage in Northern Portugal

This book presents a narrative of both an opportunity and a challenge. The opportunity is to develop routes of cultural tourism in the North of Portugal, while empowering and engaging communities in the protection of their cultural heritage. The challenge is promoting sustainable tourism, with an impact on economic growth, poverty reduction, environmental protection and the preservation of authenticity in culture and heritage. This book appears at a pivotal moment, given the increased interest for the use of literature, arts, crafts, heritage, and traditions, as well as tangible and intangible cultural products, to promote places and destinations, while safeguarding the identity of social-cultural territories. The current cultural turn in tourism and related research methodologies has led to the development of business strategies where culture and creativity play a relevant role in the branding of competitive cities, regions and countries, using innovation and technology to promote their international image.

Clara Sarmento has an aggregation in Cultural Studies and a PhD in Portuguese Culture. She is a Tenured Full Professor at the Polytechnic of Porto, where she is also the Director of the Centre for Intercultural Studies and the MA programme in Intercultural Studies for Business. Her research interests include Portuguese and Anglo-American culture and literature, cultural and intercultural studies, and feminist and gender studies.

Sara Cerqueira Pascoal is an Associate Professor at the Polytechnic of Porto, where she is also a Researcher at the Centre for Intercultural Studies. She holds a PhD in Romance Languages and Cultures, and her research interests include literary geography and geocriticism, semiotics, and intercultural communication.

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