3D Management, an Integral Theory for Organisations in the Vanguard of Evolution

If organisations are not working as well as they could, it is because they are still being managed by obsolete principles rooted in the Industrial Age. Until now, management has been a very one-dimensional discipline, in which only profits mattered. Having eyes fixed squarely upon the bottom line has endangered the planet, increased inequality, and disengaged employees. It is an unsustainable situation that calls for the radical redesign of management philosophical foundations.

This book shows how to liberate organisations from the constraining assumptions and structures that hold them back, and how to build more conscious, humane, efficacious, and responsible forms of enterprise.

3D Management is an application of Ken Wilber’s ground-breaking Integral Theory that embodies the next stage of management evolution: smarter, nimbler, wiser, fairer, and fitter for the forthcoming metamodern times.

This disruptive theory denies the imperialism of the bottom line and replaces it with a harmonic triumvirate that takes profit, people, planet, and purpose into account equally. An integral organisation is made up of three fundamental and irreducible dimensions: science, arts, and ethics, which refer respectively to the techno-economical, developmental, and moral aspects of organisational reality. These three aspects are woven together into an essential unit by the spiritual dimension, which strives for unity and meaning. 3D Management is a summum bonum of these four key dimensions to achieve sustainable excellence, spur organisational development, and create radically engaging workplaces, as well as making a better world.

The text features more than 60 vanguard organisations, harbingers of the teal consciousness that will define the future of management.

“One thing is certain: the more a truly integral business catches on, the more whole and fulfilled that humanity’s future will be. And 3D Management will have helped pave the way.” (from Ken Wilber’s foreword)

Dr Marco A. Robledo is a Professor of Management and the Director of the Master of Business Administration at the University of the Balearic Islands, Spain. An important part of his research is focused on new management paradigms, and, for years, he has been studying and working with organisations that are more conscious, humane, and socially responsible.

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