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A Patient's Perspective on Spastic Tetraparesis Diagnosis: Specially Abled

There are books that discuss all types of cerebral palsy and provide guidelines for families of those who have it, but they do not describe specifically the spastic tetraparesis diagnosis. They address the plegia type of diagnosis and not the paresis one, yet these are two different conditions. They are mostly written from a doctor’s or physiotherapist’s point of view, and not by the patients themselves.

This book is different, as it is written by someone with personal experience of receiving this diagnosis.

It gives an overview of how the diagnosis of spastic tetraparesis affects the body at each level (face, hands, abdomen, lower limbs), as well as the challenges the diagnosed person faces in daily life, and ways to overcome these challenges (tools to make dressing easier, different walking aids along with their drawbacks and benefits, ways to be independent in carrying out activities, among others). It also explores the relationship between disability and sexuality.

Bianca Wiersema has been a clinical psychologist since 2020. She holds a BSc in psychology and an MSc in clinical neuropsychology from Leiden University, the Netherlands. She is a member of the Romanian Psychologists’ College, the National Academy of Neuropsychology (Colorado, USA), the Queer Neuropsychological Society, and the National Research Mentoring Network (USA). Her expertise lies in clinical neuropsychological assessment, people with a variety of neurological disorders, and people who belong to the LGBTIQA+ community.

Dr Dragoș Sardaru is a physiokinetotherapist at Arcadia Medical Center, Romania. He is also Head of Works and Lecturer at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Grigore T. Popa”, Iasi, Romania. He is specialized in proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation, fascia integration therapy, shiatsu, and orthopedic manual physiotherapy. He is also part of the National Council of the College of Physiotherapists of Romania.

"This volume provides a wealth of practical wisdom in a remarkable book by an individual who bravely shares their personal journey living with spastic tetraparesis. Overflowing with invaluable insights, this inspiring guide offers a wealth of practical information to help navigate the physical limitations imposed by the condition. Drawing from their own experiences, the author provides empathetic guidance and effective strategies for coping with daily challenges; offering practical advice on how to manage the most important challenges faced by individuals with spastic tetraparesis, including aids in walking, dressing, and using the toilet, handling sexual activity, and dealing with medical, surgical, and physical therapy treatments, among others. Within these pages, you will discover a treasure trove of adaptive techniques, tailored exercises, and adaptive aids that empower individuals with spastic tetraparesis to lead fulfilling lives. The author's firsthand accounts inject authenticity into every chapter. This book transcends mere advice; it is a testament to the unwavering spirit of personal resilience. With a focus on practicality and resourcefulness, the author has crafted an indispensable companion for individuals with spastic tetraparesis, their families, and healthcare professionals alike. If you seek practical solutions and empowering perspectives, look no further. This admirable book will help illuminate pathways to a fulfilling life despite the challenges posed by spastic tetraparesis."

Gregory P. Lee, PhD Retired Professor of Neurology and Neuropsychology, Medical College of Georgia and Barrow Neurological Institute, USA

Brigitte Ionita

Claudia-Andreea Paduraru

Andrei-Emanuel Piseru

Iuliana-Ilinca Vieriu

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