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Black British Women’s Writing in the 1970s and Beyond: Away from Home

Black British writing in the decades after the Windrush generation was marked by a significant change: more immigrant women were published in the UK in these decades than ever before. This book is a collection of essays examining the texts of some of these women writers. Included are essays on Black British women writers, such as Warshan Shire, Eintou Pearl Springer, Beryl Gilroy, Buchi Emecheta, and Barbara Jenkins, which span the literary period from the 1970s to the early 2000s. The essays in this collection propose that these women writers represent the voices of another subgenre of Black British writing, and they are connected – through immigration or temporary migration – to the UK. Yet, they also remain firmly attached to their geographical and cultural origins. The essays included in this collection explore what it means to be a Black British woman writer, and how members of this group were able to conceptualise ‘home’ in their fiction.

Camille S. Alexander earned a PhD in English at the University of Kent, UK, where her research focused on Caribbean female migratory literature. Dr Alexander’s research interests include Caribbean studies and literature; Black British literature; film; African American literature, and third-wave feminism. Dr Alexander is Assistant Professor of Literature at Tuskegee University, Alabama, USA.

“Dr Camille Alexander has undertaken the important mission of bringing to the fore essays addressing the previously unsung, under-examined, and underappreciated voices of Black British woman writers of the post-Windrush generation (1948-1969). Building on the work of the likes of Denise de Caires Narain’s 2001 poetry-oriented Contemporary Caribbean Women’s Poetry: Making Style, Dr Alexander, takes the necessary next step to expand critical perspectives to writers such as Warsan Shire, Eintou Pearl Springer, Beryl Gilroy, and others who are part of African and Caribbean Diaspora. Exploring works that address such disparate topics as power relations between men and women who migrated to the UK from Africa and the Caribbean, ways of reckoning with female immigrant narratives, how female immigrants seek to create a sense of “home” in a foreign country and culture, challenges to patriarchy, the potential of healing through food, and more, this collection successfully enlightens readers to the literature and experiences of female Black British immigrant writers of the post-Windrush generation. By providing a much-needed addition to our understanding to an oft-overlooked genre of post-World War Two British literature, this volume makes an important contribution to the study of British and Diasporic literature.”
Dr James Mellis
Assistant Professor of English, Stella and Charles Guttman Community College, USA

Camille S. Alexander

Julieta Flores Jurado

Ijeoma Odoh

Anna Osarose

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