Hybrid Learning in English Language Teaching: Motivation, Challenges and Opportunities

This collection of chapters offers readers diverse perspectives on English Language Teaching, along with various closely related theoretical constructs and pedagogical tools, such as motivation, learner autonomy, and technology. Amalgamating these constructs provides a much-needed theoretical grounding by using empirical studies. The chapters vary in their focus and reflect on classroom practices, and yield findings pertaining to a wide range of topics. As such, it will be of interest to a wide range of English Language Teaching professionals, from university instructors to schoolteachers. This edited volume broadens the conceptual boundaries of language learning theories, offers insights and directions into the future of hybrid teaching and learning, and adds a new line of enquiry emanating from empirical findings. This book will also be useful in professional development seminars and workshops that support multilingual learners, teacher trainers and trainer teachers.

Dr Okon Effiong holds a PhD in Applied Linguistics from the University of Southampton, UK. His research interests include foreign language anxiety and language teacher associations. He co-edited The Role of Language Teacher Associations in Professional Development (2018), and published some chapters in Reflecting on Leadership in Language Education (2022).

Dr Bill Batziakas holds a PhD in Language, Discourse and Communication from King's College London (University of London). His main research interests are English for Academic Purposes and English as a Lingua Franca. He has served on the editorial board of Asian Englishes, the Asian EFL Journal, and the Asian ESP Journal.

Dr Karima Ben Abbes holds a PhD in Applied Linguistics from the University of Essex, UK. Her research interests include second and third language (L2 and L3) acquisition. She published "Transfer in L3 Acquisition: Is it Holistic or Property-Based?” in International Journal of Language and Linguistics 7(3) (2020). She served as a reviewer for the Second Language Research (SLR) journal.

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Karima Ben Abbes

Noureddine Azmi

Saba Batool

Mehmet Orkun Canbay

Mondher Chaabane

Celica Vivian Chamorro Guerreroi

I Lei Chan

Georgia Delimpanidou

Gabriel Diaz Maggioli

Rod Ellis

Liz England

Mauren Guevara

Eric Hagley

Ameer Hasan

Arisandy Johnson

V.K. Karthika

Conan Kmiecik

Jeremy Phillips

Anjana Krishna S.

Almonzer Salah Nooraldaim

Sabah Shafique

Yumn Soufi

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