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Intellectual Capital as the Basis of Societal Development in Kazakhstan

This book is devoted to the issues of the development of the knowledge society in Kazakhstan. The strategic task for Kazakhstan, as well as for other developing countries, is to carry out a general modernization, in which not only the institutions and mechanisms of modern society will be created, but also modern society itself. The creation of an “intellectual nation” is a way of modernizing the society of the 21st century, when a creative person becomes the main source of development. The formation of an intellectual nation is recognized as one of the strategic objectives of the development of Kazakhstan, where the main vectors are qualitative education and support for the younger generation. This book is addressed to researchers in the field of socio-humanitarian and socio-political sciences, students, undergraduates and PhD students, and everyone who is interested in the problems of social development.

Sultanbayeva Gulmira Serikbayevna is Doctor of Political Sciences, Professor, and Head of the Department of Press and Electronic Media of the Faculty of Journalism in Al-Farabi Kazakh National University. She is also a scientific supervisor of grant funding projects of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education.

Lozhnikova Olga Petrovna is Senior Lecturer of the Department of Printing and Electronic Media of the Faculty of Journalism in Al-Farabi Kazakh National. Her area of research is the functioning of commercial broadcasting in Kazakhstan.

Golovchun Aleftina Anatolyevna is Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor of the Department of Foreign Language Teaching Methodology at the Kazakh Abylai Khan University of International Relations and World Languages. Her area of research is cognitive linguistics, applied linguistics and translation studies.

Sultanbayeva Elmira Serikbayevna is Senior Lecturer of the Department of Social and Humanitarian Sciences in UIB named after Kenzhegali Sagadiev. Her field of study is the theoretical foundations of media culture and media ethics.

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