Emerging Perspectives on Teaching Architecture and Urbanism

This book contains a set of essays on the teaching of Architecture and Urbanism, written by university professors and researchers from several countries. It argues that the teaching of architecture and urbanism is in a state of crisis; architecture seems unable to respond to current problems, and urbanism seems incapable of fulfilling the needs of a more balanced society and its built environment, including the human right to housing.

The book comprises historical analyses, systematization of concepts, manifestos, and social evaluations, and, above all, an alignment of new objectives, curricular plans, and pedagogical methodologies.

David Leite Viana is Head of the Urban Planning Division of the Municipality of Matosinhos, Portugal. He is also a professor of architecture master course at Portucalense Infante D. Henrique University, Portugal and a visiting professor at several European universities.

Emílio da Cruz Brandão is a teacher of architecture and urban design at Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden. Here, he leads innovative educational processes and methodologies.

Franklim Morais is a civil and electronic engineer, professor, and researcher at Escola Superior Artística do Porto (ESAP). He has developed scientific software for structural and civil engineering and architecture.

Isabel Cristina Carvalho is a researcher at Universidade Aberta (UAb), funded by the Foundation for Science and Technology. She specializes in collaborative mapping processes, data visualization, and interactions between people, urban spaces, and technology.

José P. Duarte is the Stuckeman Chair in Design Innovation at Penn State University, USA. He was Dean of the Lisbon School of Architecture and president of eCAADe (Education and research in Computer Aided Architectural Design in Europe).

Nicolau Brandão is a retired professor of architecture. He is also a former director of the architecture master’s course at Escola Superior Artística do Porto (ESAP).

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Marco Adelfio

Emre Akbil

Nicolau Brandão

Carolina Coelho

Lucy Donegan

Chiara Finizza

Cristina Gallego Gamazo

Barbara Gherri

Shea Hagy

Luis Hernan

Ester Higueras García

Tom Hughes

Daniel Jesus

Alexandros Kallegias

Fernando Lima

Marco Maretto

Alice Monacelli

Adriana Nascimento

Lígia Nunes

Doina Petrescu

Greta Pitanti

Elisa Pozo-Menendez

Amina Rezoug

Emilia Román López

Tanzil Shafique

Marcelo Silva

Raquel Sousa

Ana Souto

José Pedro Tenreiro

Liane Thuvander

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