A Narrative Biography of Horacio Quiroga, the Lone Anarchist

This book is a unique and definitive biography in English of the Uruguayan-Argentinian short story writer Horacio Quiroga (1878-1937), known as the Latin-American Poe. Written in amusing prose and with an academic background, which can be an important reference for the public in general as well as to Latin American literature researchers all over the world, it is an up-to-date, narrative biography by a Brazilian writer and researcher who has dedicated the last twenty years to Quiroga’s translation and research. The research uses several unknown or lesser-known documents as well as newspapers and magazines from the beginning of the 20th century, found in libraries and archives in Argentina, Brazil, Germany, and Uruguay. The book is written against a contemporary background, and focusses on the humanization of Quiroga and the participation of, until now, maginalized women in his personal and public life, such as Alfonsina Storni and Norah Lange, allowing the construction of an image which is less monumental and more complex in its contradictions.

Wilson Alves-Bezerra is the most important researcher of Horacio Quiroga in his country, Brazil. He is the author of Reverberaciones de la frontera en Horacio Quiroga, published in Spanish and Portuguese, and the editor of Nuevos Papeles Íntimos (2022), a collection of previously undiscovered personal papers of the author. He has translated some of Quiroga’s books into Portuguese, such as Cuentos de amor de locura y de muerte and Cuentos de la Selva. He is also the translator of Latin American authors, including Luis Gusmán, Sergio Bizzio and Alfonsina Storni. He has literary works published in Portugal, El Salvador, Chile, and Uruguay. His book Vertigens (2015) has received the Brazilian Book Chamber Award. He has a PhD in comparative literature from State University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and a master’s in hispanic-American literature from University of São Paulo, Brazil. He is an associate professor at Federal University of São Carlos, Brazil.

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