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What’s in a Name? The Shakespeare Authorship Question Explored over a Two-Hundred-Year Period

This book illustrates the diverse and simultaneous happenings in the varied and complex Europe of the 1500s and 1600s AD, mainly focusing on England and Italy, the two major protagonists of this most fascinating period of history, when military interventions, literature, art and religious philosophies formed the Europe which we have inherited today.

The book is enriched with more than 1000 illustrations and a 100-year calendar of historical events, in addition to references to 1,168 important contemporaries who lived in England, Italy and Europe during the Elizabethan and Jacobean periods.

This book also delves in depth into the fascinating mystery of the authorship question in relation to who wrote the Shakespearean works.

John Lawrence Toma completed his university studies in the UK and the United States, graduating in business studies, marketing and modern languages. He has worked as a strategic marketing and operational consultant for some of the most prestigious contemporary design companies, and has published more than 10 bilingual books and numerous articles with particular emphasis in the field of international design. For over 30 years, he has been responsible for the presentation and promotion of Italian design exhibitions in Europe, the United States, Japan, China and South America. As an official translator, he has contributed to the publication of critical essays and articles on contemporary design and architecture.

Delyse Ann Huntley attended the Folkestone Technical High School for Girls as well as the Folkestone Art School, both in England, following which she finished her education in Rome studying Italian and classical history. She has worked as John’s assistant on all of his bilingual publications.

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