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Co-creating Actionable Science: Reflections from the Global North and South

In response to the call for actionable and collaborative solutions-oriented research for sustainability, this collection of essays provides insights into the multi-layered challenges that underlie this fast-emerging field. It offers the reader a deeper understanding of the myriad local avenues where knowledge is co-produced to meet the grand challenge of our times—‘transformation to sustainability’. Situated within a wide variety of research settings in the global North and South, the contributions here variously probe how actionable science emerges (or fails to emerge) in this process. From diverse perspectives, they ruminate on various research practice topics, including how to reconcile scientific understanding with normative action, how to acknowledge and integrate participant knowledge in research, and how to handle potential negative impacts of actionable science. In examining these rarely reflected-upon questions, the book provides valuable, empirically-based insights into research practice, and will be useful for scholars and educators working with transdisciplinary research design and practice.

Gloria L. Gallardo Fernández is Professor in Global Development Studies at Södertörn University, Sweden. Her work is primarily connected with access to, use of, and governance of land and water in Global South contexts. Her recent research focus is working with small-scale fishers to improve sustainable livelihood prospects. She has published numerous peer-reviewed articles and authored several books.

Fred Saunders is an Associate Professor in Environmental Science at Södertörn University, Sweden. He studies the relationships between politics, nature and resources with a recent focus on ways to enhance social equity in marine spatial planning and small-scale fisheries.

Tatiana Sokolova holds an MSc in Sustainable Development, conducting social science research for academic, non-governmental and private actors. Her interests lie at the intersection of environmental and social sustainability, in the crossovers between cultures and disciplines.

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