Aldo Capitini on Opposition and Liberation: A Life in Nonviolence

This translation of Aldo Capitini’s quasi-autobiography is long overdue. It presents an edited series of his writings spanning his lifetime (1899-1968). An Italian philosopher of nonviolence, poet, teacher, political and non-secular religious man of compresence and persuasion, Capitini encouraged his readers to embrace the philosophy of noncooperation, nonviolence, and nonmendacity. Self-taught, later removed from his university position and imprisoned as an anti-fascist, he opted for liberalsocialism and “on-the-ground strategies for social change”. His civil rights movement, somewhere between that of Martin Luther King and Gandhi, insisted on ever-pertinent and frighteningly contemporary concepts. The founder of the first Italian vegetarian association (1952) and the first Perugia Assisi Peace March (1961), Capitini preferred to work from the bottom-up and refused to become an elected political figure, which eventually led to his exclusion from official political participation. His revolutionary voice epitomizes a fundamental part of democratic involvement: if we participate, “today’s utopia can be tomorrow’s reality”.

Piergiorgio Giacchè is an anthropologist, and has conducted research and studies on deviance, youth issues, political participation, cultural policy, and the culture of contemporary theater. A scholar of Aldo Capitini’s philosophy and work, he has edited the books Liberalsocialismo (1996); Opposizione e liberazione (2003); and La religione dell’educazione. Scritti pedagogici di Aldo Capitini (2008). His publications include Una nuova solitudine. Vivere soli fra integrazione e liberazione (1981); Lo spettatore partecipante. Contributi per un’antropologia del teatro (1991); and Carmelo Bene. Antropologia di una macchina attoriale (1997; 2007).

Jodi L. Sandford holds a PhD in Cognitive Semantics and is University Researcher-Adjunct Professor in English Linguistics and Translation at the University of Perugia, Italy. Her research interests include applied cognitive linguistics and cognitive semantics, with a specific focus on embodiment, conceptual metaphor theory, polysemy, conventionality, and entrenchment. She has translated numerous texts between Italian and English and has applied cognitive semantics analysis to translation studies. Her recent publications include ““In what sense do you sense that sense?”: A Cognitive Linguistic Analysis of ‘sense’ Polysemy” in Worlds of Words: Complexity, Creativity, and Conventionality in English Language, Literature and Culture; “Black and White Linguistic Category Entrenchment in English” in Progress in Colour Studies: Cognition, Language and Beyond; and “Methodological Approaches and Semantic Construal of the Seeing Domain in English” in Sensory Perceptions in Language, Embodiment, and Epistemology.

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