Recent Advances of the Russian Operations Research Society

This collection of articles highlights the most interesting new results from the IX Moscow International Operations Research Conference, the largest Russian meeting in this field, held every three years for leading experts. These papers will interest researchers and organizations specialized in OR, Game Theory, System Analysis, Macro- and Micro-economic Modelling, and Actuarial Mathematics. The volume may be a source for PhD and Master students in the specified areas. The proposed methods for optimal decision making will be useful for insurance and auditing companies, banks, and others.

The volume consists of three parts; the first includes game-theoretic models, the second part considers innovations and their possible opposite impact to the growth of GDP and social welfare, as well as new methods for improving reliability of banks’ credit risks, monopolistic competition under heterogeneous labor, interregional trade and different ways of developing the Russian banking system. The last part contains articles on a wide range of optimization problems and their applications.

Fuad Aleskerov is the department head of Mathematics for Economics and head of the International Centre of Decision Choice and Analysis at the Higher School of Economics, head of research at the Russian Academy of Sciences’ Institute of Control Sciences, and an Academia Europaea member. He has lectured at, among others, the California Institute of Technology and Pantheon-Sorbonne University, France. He has spoken at over 150 conferences, authored 10 books and over 200 articles on choice theory, data analysis, and more.

Alexander Vasin has been a professor since 1977 at Lomonosov Moscow State University, and is deputy head of Operations Research. He has been a visiting professor at the University of Minnesota, University of Alicante, Carlos III University of Madrid, and University of Tennessee. He has taught Game Theory, Mathematical Models in Economics, and more, published 4 textbooks and over 100 articles. His field of research includes multi-stage and repeated games and theory of imperfect competition.

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