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Teaching and Learning at the University: Practices and Transformations

The focus of this book is the analysis of transformative changes and new teaching and learning perspectives at the university level. It summarizes the research results of an international team of scholars, and details the use of different theoretical approaches to explore change processes in the cases of Estonian, Swedish and Finnish universities. The case studies gathered here explain how organisation-wide changes might affect teaching practice, teaching and learning culture, professional identities, and academic career paths at universities. The book reflects both theoretical and analytical approaches, and will be of interest for all scholars, academic developers, professionals, practitioners and students interested in professional development at the university, organizational changes and higher education policies.

Larissa Jõgi, PhD, is an Associate Professor of Andragogy at the School of Educational Sciences at Tallinn University, Estonia. She has been involved in many international research projects, and has edited a number of journals and books. Her research focuses on teaching in universities, professional identity of university teachers, learning during the course of life, the professionalization of adult educators, and methodologies of qualitative research.

Meril Ümarik, PhD, is an Associate Professor in Educational Research and a Senior Research Fellow in the School of Educational Sciences at Tallinn University, Estonia. Her research interests include educational reforms and their adoption in vocational education and training, and vocational teacher professionalism. Her methodological expertise lies in qualitative research methods.

Kai Pata, PhD, is an Associate Professor and Senior Researcher in Educational Technology and Digital Learning Ecosystems in the School of Digital Technologies at Tallinn University, Estonia. Her research interests include how socio-technical systems facilitate learning and the design of technology-enhanced learning practices.

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