A First Course in Mathematical Economics

The book studies a set of mathematical tools and techniques most necessary for undergraduate economics majors as they transition from largely non-technical first-year principles courses into calculus-based upper-level courses in economics. The book’s presentation style places more emphasis on the intuition underlying the mathematical concepts and results discussed and less on proofs and technical details. Its discussion topics have been chosen in terms of their immediate usefulness for beginners, while examples and applications are drawn from material that is familiar from introductory economics courses.

Sunanda Roy received her PhD in Economics from the University of Southern California in 2002. Her teaching experience includes teaching PhD courses in game theory and mathematical methods and Master’s level courses in mathematical methods for several years at Iowa State University, where she currently holds an affiliate position. She has published research articles in scholarly journals such as Games and Economic Behaviour, Economic Theory, Journal of Mathematical Economics, and Social Choice and Welfare.

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