Understanding the Misunderstood in Emergency, Hospital and Outpatient Care for Special Populations

This powerful, high-yield guidebook sheds crucial light on a rapidly growing and yet underrepresented, vulnerable and unique population of individuals: those who are affected by one or more developmental disabilities.

The first section provides background and lays out the medical disease associations and unique physical, emotional and mental characteristics potentially influencing the care of individuals with Down syndrome, cerebral palsy or an autism spectrum disorder. The book then proceeds to describe evidence-based strategies specific to first responders and ambulatory and inpatient healthcare providers, as well as special needs individuals, their family, and caregiver(s).

This book serves as a critical reference guide, and provides illuminating background and key evidence-based strategies. With its compelling and essential lessons and thought-provoking imagery, it is a must-read for physicians, nurses, firefighters, EMTs, individuals with a disability and their families and caregivers alike.

Lili Loni Barsky, MD, is a board-certified physician, patented inventor, and writer. She completed her undergraduate training at Northwestern University, USA, earning a major degree in Biomedical Engineering and a minor degree in Film and Media Studies. She attended Rush Medical College in Chicago, Illinois, followed by residency training at Yale-New Haven Health/Bridgeport Hospital and Chief Residency at AMITA-Saint Francis Hospital, USA. She then completed fellowship training at the Barbra Streisand Women’s Heart Institute at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, USA. Currently, she is training in the Artificial Intelligence in Cardiovascular Disease Fellowship Program at Northwestern University, USA. She has extensive experience in the inpatient, critical care, ambulatory clinic and emergency care settings. Outside of her clinical work, she developed and was awarded patents for her ‘Liability Intervention Logistical Innovation’ (LILI) technology for hospital-acquired infection tracking and control. Dr. Barsky also received the Improving Cardiovascular Health Outcomes Award at the 2016 National American Medical Association Symposium. She is a lifetime member of Mensa.

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