Traumatic Experience and Repressed Memory in Magical Realist Novels: Speaking the Unspeakable

This book explores the close association between the literary representation of historical trauma and the alternative narrative form of magical realism, underscoring the role of memory, empathy and imagination. It discusses the potential of magical realism to give a literary representation to individual and collective trauma arising from the Holocaust, slavery, and apartheid, and to turn those unspoken memories into narratives. It also analyses the role of magical realism in depicting trauma suffered by female victims during and following those events. Again, by dealing with the above-mentioned events, their specific historical context and universal meaning for humankind, this book highlights a universal experience of trauma.

Dr Md Abu Shahid Abdullah completed his MA in English and American Studies and his PhD in English Literature at Otto-Friedrich University Bamberg, Germany. He is currently an Assistant Professor in English at East West University, Bangladesh. He has published articles on Toni Morrison, Salman Rushdie, Saul Bellow, Angela Carter, Gabriel García Márquez, Jonathan Safran Foer, and Walt Whitman in various international journals. His research interests include trauma, alienation, memory, identity, marginalisation, postcolonialism, eroticism and magical realism. He is presently working on a research project on the literature of indigenous people in Bangladesh.

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