Comprehensive Energy Law and Management

Comprehensive Energy Law and Management

This book is an essential guide for practitioners of international law and management, exploring the between energy law, public international law, and environmental law. From the perspective of international law to the development of public international law and the legislation that governs it, this book provides a comprehensive analysis of the complexities surrounding international energy law. Various sources of energy and their types, including fossil fuels, nuclear energy, and alternative renewable energies such as solar, wind, and biomass are discussed. Discovering the environmental effects of all sources and the role of alternative renewable energies on the course of sustainable development and examination of the principles of permanent sovereignty over natural resources, and necessity of communication during environmental emergencies, and their relationship with international energy law are discussed. With insights into energy economics, energy diplomacy, energy policy, energy management, and dispute settlement under the Energy Charter Treaty, this book provides a holistic view of energy law and management.

Ali Mohammadi is a professor at Bircham International University in Madrid, Spain. Ali earned two doctorates in international law and international trade law and has authored 14 volumes in English and Farsi on subjects such as international law, international trade law, oil and gas law, and new and renewable energies. His books are intended for postgraduate and doctoral students, university professors, lawyers, judges, experts, and businessmen. As a legal consultant, lawyer, and arbitrator of international commercial disputes, he is a member of several professional organizations.

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