Karen Blixen's Existentialism: "Where I Ought to Be"

Karen Blixen's Existentialism:

This book investigates the writings of Karen Blixen (Isak Dinesen) from an existentialist angle. Although it has not been subject to much study, Blixen’s writing elegantly and subtly integrates the ideas of Kierkegaard, Nietzsche and Sartre in a way that makes the philosophers more accessible to a wider audience. However, Blixen also offers her own ideas of the fundamental problem in existentialism: how to arrive at an authentic identity through free, individual choices⸺or, as Nietzsche put it: how to become who you are. On the whole, Blixen’s authorship can be seen as an existential study of the 20th century and the ways by which Western culture came to be what it is now. In agreement with Nietzsche’s statement that all philosophy is an involuntary autobiography, this book also contains accounts of the lives of the three philosophers chiefly involved in this study.

Dr Lars Kaaber has studied the authorship of Karen Blixen (Isak Dinesen) since 1978. He has been a lecturer in English at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark, and has taught theatre history and Shakespeare at the Actor’s Academy, Copenhagen. He has been teaching at Gribskov Gymnasium, Denmark, since 1986, and is also a theatre director, with ninety-five productions to his credit. Dr Kaaber is the author of Staging Shakespeare’s Hamlet (2005), Murdering Ministers (2016) and Hamlet’s Age and the Earl of Southampton (2017).

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