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Game of Thrones as a Contemporary Feminist Revenge Tragedy

It is common knowledge that the television series Game of Thrones and revenge go together well, but whether Game of Thrones and feminism are compatible is debatable, to say the least. This book shows how the series’ female characters in particular utilise revenge to acquire autonomy, fight objectification, and pursue equality. On the one hand, they do so by mirroring the female characters of English Renaissance Revenge Tragedies. On the other, prevailing feminist ideas of the 21st century are also incorporated. The resulting tension between models from the Renaissance and current feminist impulses allows for an interpretation of Game of Thrones as a contemporary, feminist version of a Revenge Tragedy. Thus, this book discusses gender, equality, and representation, problematising the heteronormative, binary perspective so commonly given on the series. As such, the book is for everyone interested in popular culture and its influences and developments, both fans and critics of the show, feminists, and those who aspire to educate themselves.

Lea M. Peters currently works as a lecturer at the English Department of the University of Bonn, Germany, where she has been teaching since 2020, covering everything from introductory literary and cultural studies classes to seminars revolving around Shakespeare, fanfictions, and the enemies-to-lovers literary trope. Her research interests are similarly varied and include early modern drama; women, gender, and queer studies; popular culture; contemporary romance; and television and film studies. She is particularly interested in the intersection between literary classics and contemporary fiction.

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