A World Government in Action: A New Pragmatic Ideology for Global Politics

This volume presents a significantly different interpretation of society and international relations compared with existing political ideas.

The world of 2019 can be associated with a number of terms, including nuclear weapons; population growth; climate change; deforestation; artificial intelligence; nationalism; refugees; democracy and its difficulties; starvation; diseases; corruption; fake news; racism; migration; war; populism; smartphones; and digitalization, among others.

This volume highlights the route to release the world from most of these problems and to assure the survival of humankind and germinate life quality for all. It points the way towards a future characterised by disarmament and demobilization; secure forces for daily safety; food and medicine supply; energy and water supply; global equality; education; and housing and healthcare for all.

Dr Thomas Nordström holds a PhD in Sociology, having wrote his dissertation on decision-making and democracy in business companies. He has worked as Associated Professor in Entrepreneurship and Organizational Innovation Processes at the Blekinge Institute of Technology, Sweden, and as CEO at Research and Development Institutes, Sweden.

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