The Context and Media of Legal Discourse

This volume provides new insights into the diverse and complex contexts of legal discourse and activity performed across a variety of socially and culturally informed digital media transformations. It addresses topical issues of legal discourse performed by Web-mediated technologies and (social) media usage in professional and institutional contexts of communication. Its analyses rely on specific perspectives, varied applications, and different methodological procedures, providing a multifaceted overview of ongoing research and knowledge in the field.

This book is part of a series. View the full series, "Legal Discourse and Communication", here.

Girolamo Tessuto is Professor of English Language at the Department of Law of the University of Campania Luigi Vanvitelli, Italy, where he is also Director of the Centre for Research in Language and Law. He also teaches at the Law Department of the University of Naples Federico II, Italy. His research interests focus primarily on (critical) discourse and genre analysis in academic, professional and institutional contexts of law, medicine and healthcare, and he is the author of a number of publications, including monographs, book chapters, articles, co-edited volumes and reviews.

Professor Vijay K. Bhatia retired as Professor from City University of Hong Kong, and is now a Visiting Professor at the Hellenic American University in Athens and Adjunct Professor at the Chinese University in Hong Kong. He was also the Founding President of the LSP and Professional Communication Association for the Asia-Pacific Rim. His research interests include critical genre analysis, and academic and professional discourses in legal, business, newspaper, and promotional contexts, among others.

Ruth Breeze is Senior Lecturer in English at the University of Navarra, Spain. Her most recent publications are the book Corporate Discourse (2015) and the co-edited volumes Interpersonality in Legal Genres (2014), Power, Persuasion and Manipulation in Specialised Genres (2017), and Imagining the Peoples of Europe: Populist Discourses across the Political Spectrum (2019).

Nicholas Brownlees is Full Professor of English Language at the University of Florence, Italy. He has written extensively on news discourse in the early modern era, and is the author of The Language of Periodical News in Seventeenth Century England. He is also co-author of News as Changing Texts: Corpora, Methodologies and Analysis, and editor of News Discourse in Early Modern Britain.

Martin Solly is Associate Professor of English Language at the University of Turin, Italy. His main research interests include language learning in higher education and specialized discourse in academic and professional settings. The author of The Stylistics of Professional Discourse, he is particularly concerned with the relationship between language and context, and with how language choice impacts on the construction and representation of identity.

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