Minors’ Crimes in Saudi Arabia: An Analytical Study on the Saudi Juvenile Justice

This book investigates a number of thematic problems related to the Saudi Arabian juvenile detention system. These issues concern the lack of codification and consolidation, an unclear determination of the age of puberty, the misclassification of juveniles’ crimes, and gross inconsistency in the penalties meted out. This study employs a mixed methodology involving both analytical and statistical approaches to the problem. It examines judicial applications from three courts in Riyadh to clarify the traditional classification for juveniles’ crimes (namely, Hudud, Qisas and Ta’zir crimes).

Dr Hajed A. Alotaibi is an Assistant Professor of Islamic Law and Thought at Majmaah University, Saudi Arabia, where he is also Vice Dean for Postgraduate Studies and Scientific Research. His research focuses on the application of Islamic law to crimes, business, politics and Muslim minorities’ affairs. His work involves integrating theoretical approaches with empirical data.

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