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Handbook of Flipping Classrooms for Second and Foreign Language Instruction

This book takes both novice and experienced language teachers, educators, materials designers and curriculum developers through the nuts and bolts of flipping language classrooms. In simple language, it reviews the key factors for a successful teaching and learning experience in different flipped learning environments. Offering a concise review of relevant terminologies, theories of teaching and learning and models of instructional design, the volume supports theory-grounded research, conceptualization and practice.

In addition to a detailed discussion on the pedagogical design of flipped courses, it comprehensively reviews the application of digital technologies for materials development, learning activity design and course or programme delivery in the flipped classroom (FC) model.

Fatemeh Nami is an assistant professor at the Department of Foreign Languages at Amirkabir University of Technology, Iran. She holds a PhD in English Language Teaching (ELT) with a focus on Computer Assisted Language Teaching (CALL) from Alzahra University, Iran. Her research interests include e-learning, CALL teacher education, content authoring and digital materials development, mobile-assisted language learning, online learning platforms, digital storytelling and the flipped classroom model. Her most recent publication is Materials Development for Online Language Education: Theories, Technologies and Applications.

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