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    "[On the Path to Health, Wellbeing, and Fulfilment: To Your Health] explores health from a variety of perspectives. Interpreting scientific studies and communicating the findings in an easy to understand way is a gift that keeps on giving."

    - Dr Beth Frates, Clinical Assistant Professor, Harvard Medical School

Patient-Based Medicine: Treat the Patient, Not the Disease

This book addresses the deep chasm that exists between the traditional and conventional practice of medicine on one hand, and the existence of critical reasoning and astute evaluation of what constitutes benefit for the patient, and not just the improvement of a symptom, on the other hand. The book clearly spells out how the deeply conservative conventional medical approach not only is callous and insensitive, but can also be quite dangerous to patients’ health. Furthermore, the book introduces the reader to a world of effective alternative approaches which can lead to betterment or even complete remission of patients’ conditions. Also addressed is a relevant paradigm for devising studies that focus on patient improvement rather than symptom alleviation. Indeed, the book’s focus on patient improvement and wellbeing.

Johannes G. Schmidt, MD, is a general practitioner who applies both ancient classical Chinese medicine (acupuncture, herbal medicine, and instructions on how to strengthen natural recovery) and evidence-based modern medicine to his practice. An experienced health promoter, his seminal works discuss the impact of breast cancer screening and include contributions to textbooks such as Allgemeinmedizin (General Medicine), by M. Kochen. He was a member of the Preventive Medicine Working Group of the Swiss Federal Committee on the Appraisal of Medical Measures.

Richard Evan Steele, MD, MPH, is a medical doctor. He is board-certified in public health medicine, with experience in senior house officer level duties in hospitals in the areas of acute medicine, internal medicine and cardiology. He is an accomplished author, speaker and trainer. Some of his major works include: A Critical View of Medical Reasoning (1995), and Creating Recommendations and Guidelines for Competency Based Public Health Education (2000).

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