Strategies and Analyses of Language and Communication in Multilingual and International Contexts

Covering a variety of themes and subject areas related to language and communication in international and multilinguistic contexts, this book offers an insight into the latest research in applied linguistics and language acquisition. Aimed at both scholars and language practitioners, it presents empirical findings from researchers from more than 10 countries. Rather than limiting its focus to one language and context as a source of research, the collection reports and applies findings from various languages and communities.

David Levey is Associate Professor at the University of Cádiz, Spain, where he lectures in Phonetics, Applied Linguistics and Sociolinguistics. His research interests include accent variation, language contact and change, speech perception, language testing and evaluation. He recently led a three-year international research project funded by the Ministry of Education in Spain which looked at English language testing in Europe. He has published more than 35 books and articles on various aspects of language acquisition and has written extensively on the language situation in Gibraltar. He is the author of Language Change and Variation in Gibraltar (2008).

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Emanuele Casani

Candela Contero Urgal

Bruno Echauri Galvan

Nuria Enriquez

Esperanza Falcon

Amaia Fernandez

Carla Fernandez Melendres

Raquel Fernandez-Fuertes

Angela George

Patrick Goethals

Johannes Graen

Nagore Ipina

Magdalena Jimenez-Naharro

Peter John

Maria-Araceli Losey-Leon

Diaz-Rodriguez Lourdes

Francois Maniez

Antonio Moreno-Ortiz

Marian Moron-Martin

Alison Noble

Daniel Parada Galindo

Maria Dolores Perea Barbera

Pilar Sagasta

Gerold Schneider

Caroline Shackleton

Radoslava Stankova Laykova

Yuliang Sun

Mariona Taule

Nathan Turner

Ludwina Van Son

Maria Angeles Velilla-Sanchez

Francisco J. Vigier-Moreno

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