Naming, Identity and Tourism

Names weave the texture of our daily lives in ways that are self-evident. However, behind their taken-for-granted threads, they conceal a considerable meaning potential that may turn them into malleable vehicles of human goals and agendas. The novelty of this volume lies in the special focus it places on the intersections of naming, identity and tourism, pointing to how names may play a role in the multifaceted process of identity-formation by shaping and promoting tourist attractions, be they topographical or metaphorical locations.

The volume collects original contributions on this emerging field of enquiry that foster an eclectic approach to the study of names. The thematic focus and the several approaches adopted here will make the text appealing to postgraduate students and researchers from several disciplinary fields ranging across onomastics, linguistics, cultural and social geography, history, archaeology, heritage, literature, postcolonial studies, and media studies.

Luisa Caiazzo is Associate Professor of English Linguistics and Translation at the University of Basilicata, Italy. She has authored several publications on institutional discourse, evaluative language around names, and gender and translation.

Richard Coates is Professor Emeritus of Onomastics at the University of the West of England, a former Vice-President of the International Council of Onomastic Sciences, and President of the English Place-Name Society. He has published extensively on place-names, surnames, and names in linguistic theory, as well as other topics in linguistics.

Maoz Azaryahu is Professor of Cultural Geography at the University of Haifa, Israel. His research includes the cultural and historical geographies of national myths and public memory, landscapes of popular culture.

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