Individual Spirituality in Post-nonclassical Arts Education

This volume is a collective work bringing together Ukrainian researchers in the field of arts education. Professional artistic education in Ukraine is currently one of the most important directions of a person’s spiritual and ideological development. It suggests that the spiritual development of an individual can be fulfilled through musical art. To this end, this book presents a set of methodological approaches and principles of post-nonclassical didactics allowing the formation of a new model of post-nonclassical knowledge in the system of professional artistic education. The results provided here will be of great practical importance, and can be used for drawing up special courses, methodological recommendations, and training guides on artistic disciplines.

The volume, which has a role to play in the scientific reflection of new trends, will be useful to researchers, educationalists, students, and all those interested in the modern processes involved in the development of artistic education, and who are looking for new pathways for the cultural development of Ukraine, in the context of identifying the value of post-nonclassical culture.

Professor Olga Oleksiuk holds a DSc in Pedagogy, and is Head of the Department of Musicology and Music Education at the Institute of Arts of Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University, Ukraine. She is an expert in artistic education, and her research focuses on the spiritual and ideological development of future specialists in the field of music art. She is the author of more than 300 published works, including books, textbooks, manuals and scientific articles.

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