The Paris Peace Conference (1919-1920) and Its Aftermath: Settlements, Problems and Perceptions

This volume offers a number of perspectives on the Paris Peace Conference and its fallout, providing new insights into this crucial point in twentieth-century history from the perspectives of the Great Powers and the small countries struggling for independence, looking at the winners, the losers and the neutral parties. Each chapter offers a detailed examination of a case dating from 1919–1920, or from the aftermath of the Conference. It will be of interest to historians and students of international relations and political science, as well as anyone who wishes to gain a broader perspective on this crucial moment in twentieth-century history.

Sorin Arhire is Lecturer in the Department of History at the University of Alba Iulia, Romania. He has published over 40 articles and a number of books, including Marea Britanie şi România (1936–1941). Relaţii politice, economice şi culturale [Great Britain and Romania (1936–1941): Political, Economic and Cultural Relations] (2015) and Alba Iulia. Memoria urbis (2018).

Tudor Roşu is Museologist and Head of the Department of History at the National Museum of Union Alba Iulia, Romania. He has published over 40 articles and books, including August Treboniu Laurian (1810-1881): discurs istoric romantic [August Treboniu Laurian (1810-1881): Romantic Historical Discourse] (2008) and Garda Națională de la Alba Iulia [The National Guard of Alba Iulia] (2016).

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