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    "[Engaging Art: Essays and Interviews from Around the Globe is a] collection of astonishing scope, Roslyn Bernstein delves into archives, exhibits, the built environment, and the lively characters who create them. She keenly engages the creativity that enriches, probes, and inspires the world."

    - Alisa Solomon, Columbia University, USA

Body, Space, and Place in Collective and Collaborative Drawing: Drawing Conversations II

Building on the success of the first volume in this series of research on collective and collaborative drawing, this book’s key themes are linked through the concepts of body, space, and place. The location of the body in art has always been central, but the exploration of it here, in relation to place and space, uncovers a wide range of exciting and different contexts, relationships and materials. Space is examined through the practice and theorisation of drawing, through the ongoing artistic practices of the authors, and the writings of Berger and Derrida in relation to making, viewing and understanding the drawing process. Place is examined through unique approaches to considering drawing, through multiple consecutive and site-specific places, through place as a changing and temporal site, and through the idea of the ‘non-place’. The contributors in this volume include academics, artists, dancers, researchers, designers, and architects from across the globe.

Jill Journeaux is Professor of Fine Art in the Centre for Arts, Memory and Communities at Coventry University, UK. She is an artist-researcher, and has published extensively. She co-edited Collective and Collaborative Drawing in Contemporary Practice: Drawing Conversations (2017).

Dr Helen Gørrill is an artist, futurist, writer, editor, and educator lecturing in visual culture. She holds a PhD in Contemporary Painting, Gender and Inequality, and her artwork is digitally archived in Brooklyn Museum’s EASCFA collection. As an academic, she applies disruptive techniques to challenge stagnancy in gender equality, feminist methodologies and the visual arts.

Dr Sara Reed is Associate Professor of Dance and a member of the Centre for Dance Research at Coventry University, UK. She has published on embodied-movement, the dancing body and somatic practices, and is a trustee at Independent Dance and a qualified Feldenkrais Practitioner.

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Katrina Brown

Jennifer Clarke

Courtney D. Coyne-Jensen

Chris Cuckmay

Sally Doughty

Joe Graham

Deborah Harty

Lesley Hicks

Jill Journeaux

Sarah Lawton

Kiera O'Toole

Sara Reed

Laurence Schmidlin

Simon Woolham

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