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Peoples, Nature and Environments: Learning to Live Together

This volume brings together perspectives from scholars of different scientific backgrounds endeavouring to understand and debate the interactions and relationships between humans, nonhuman species and natural ecosystems in order to overcome the classic human/environment dichotomy. Through discussions informed by the humanities, arts, social and natural sciences, the book deals with the way different disciplines approach this relationship. These diverse perspectives are compared to enable a cross-cutting analysis of human/nature interface throughout history. Changes forced by the utilization of resources and habitats, as well as climate changes are analysed and discussed, enhancing the importance of a multifaceted approach for a better understanding of the complexity of both the human/world relationship and diverse interspecies connections and impacts.

Ana Cristina Roque is Assistant Director of the Centre for History of the University of Lisbon, and coordinator of the project Empires: Nature, Science and Environment. She is the author of more than 50 publications covering topics related to scientific expeditions, indigenous knowledge, biodiversity and environmental problems in colonial contexts.

Cristina Brito is Assistant Professor at NOVA FCSH, Portugal, Researcher at the Centre for the Humanities, and Coordinator of the research line Environmental History and the Sea. She is the author of more than 50 publications related to the European and local history of modern natural history, marine environmental history, and histories of marine animals and sea monsters.

Cecilia Veracini is Researcher at the Centre for Public Administration and Public Policies (ISCSP) at the University of Lisbon, where she carries out research on human/non-human primate interaction in the modern period. She is the author of around 30 scientific papers and the book Primati, and edited History of Primatology: Yesterday and Today. The Western- Mediterranean Tradition.

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Armando Alberola

Alexandrina Amorim

Luiz Arrioja

Natalia Botica

Cristine Brite

Christine Buite

Francesc Burjachs

Susana Costa

Teresa Nobre de Carvalho

Christina Ferreira

Maria Joana Ferreira da Silva

Ana Garcia

Stefan Halikowski-Smith

Joana Lima

Tania Minhos

Luiz Oosterbeek

Dietelmo Pievani

Pieligi Rosina

Cecilia Veracini

Nina Vieira

Patricia Vieira

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