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Life by Grace in Christian Thought and Practice

This book is an exploration of the role of grace in Christian thought and practise.

The wonder of the Christian faith is that salvation is available as a gift, by grace, and does not have to be earned. It was a gift from God in the form of the coming and death of Jesus. This is because grace is actually at the heart of the nature of God, where the Trinitarian Persons each give grace fully to the others so that, although different, they are equal. With this background, it follows that this book argues that the way of life of Christians, in the image of God, is of grace. This is a life of readiness to give, a seeking of harmony, and a rebuttal of the aggressiveness and self-seeking that is a characteristic of normal human life.

While studying engineering at Cambridge, David Williams came to realise the love and grace of God. It was natural for him to seek to serve the God who had redeemed him, and after a year training as a teacher, left for Africa to become a missionary. That career culminated in thirty years of lecturing theology at the University of Fort Hare in South Africa, famous for its association with Nelson Mandela. He is also the author of over one-hundred academic articles, and some fourteen books.

David has served as a minister of three churches. For most of his career, he has also regularly visited local schools to conduct assemblies, outlining the Gospel to thousands of children and teachers.

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