The New European Union and Its Global Strategy: From Brexit to PESCO

In a relatively short period of time, the European Project has faced an incredibly diverse spectrum of crises and challenges. From the Eurozone crisis to the sovereign debt crisis, and from the migration crisis to Brexit, the European Union has found itself confronted with unprecedented internal and external threats and pressures. The Global Strategy of 2016 and the Permanent Structured Cooperation (PESCO) in the field of defence of 2017 are just two of the new strategies and policies to which it has turned. Whether the Franco-German engine will succeed in surpassing this critical moment and trigger a deep reform of the European Union remains to be seen. Raising its level of strategic ambition, the European Union projects itself as a global actor in the system of international relations, reshaping its ties with the United States, China, and Russia. However, European security, along with the topics of European politics and society, remain subjects of intense debate. This volume offers a number of possible answers to various questions regarding the future of the European Union and its relationships with the rest of the world. Based on a variety of perspectives from international relations, European studies, political science, economics, and cultural studies, the contributions here address the “conundrum” of the EU’s transformations.

Valentin Naumescu is Associate Professor of International Relations at the Faculty of European Studies of Babeş-Bolyai University Cluj-Napoca, Romania. He is an independent expert of the European Commission and the founder of the think-tank The Initiative for European Democratic Culture, specialised in international politics. He also has diplomatic experience, having served as Consul General of Romania in Toronto (2008-2012) and Secretary of State in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (2005-2007). He has published 13 books, over 60 journal articles, and about 400 analyses and commentaries on international politics. His publications include the books The Great Powers’ Politics in Central and Eastern Europe: 30 Years since the End of the Cold War (2019); Romania, the Great Powers and the European Order: 1918-2018 (2018); The Crisis of the European Union and the Global Order in the Trump Era (2017); The European Union’s Eastern Neighbourhood Today. Politics, Dynamics, Perspectives (co-edited with Dan Dungaciu, 2015); and Democracy and Security in the 21st Century: Perspectives on a Changing World (2014).

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Roman Baiduk

Ionelia-Biaxica Bosoaxica

Martin Brusis

Serban-Filip Ciocescu

Ioana Constantin-Bercean

Adrian-Gabriel Corpadean

Claudiu Degeratu

Gabriel Gherasim

Julia-Anamaria Ghidiu

Vladimir Gonec

Laura-Maria Herta

Alexandru Lazescu

Octavian Manea

Sergiu Miscriu

Raluca Moldovan

Agnes Nicolescu

Ovidiu Vaida

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