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Deaf Characters in Literature

This book presents the most comprehensive review of deaf characters in literature available. Examining British and American examples found in novels, comics, poetry, television and film, the work identifies significant trends and themes that range from the last three hundred years to the present day. It is centered on an understanding of the history and development of deaf education, its impact on the use of oral speech and sign language, and the rise of deaf identity and deaf communities. The extensive research, comments and conclusions are of value to all who are interested in the medical humanities, deaf history and culture, disability studies, and representations in literature.

Paul Dakin is a retired GP, writer, and broadcaster. As a GP trainer in North London, he educated medical students and postgraduate doctors, and was an examiner at King’s College London and University College London. In 2006, Paul joined the first cohort of part-time students to study for a master’s degree in literature and medicine at King’s College London. His dissertation subject was deaf characters in the English novel. Continuing his research, he has written papers and chapters on this and similar topics, and lectured at international conferences in the UK and abroad. Paul is the former Secretary of the Association for Medical Humanities.

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