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    "[Second Thoughts on Capitalism and the State is a] profoundly reflective book shows a pathway forward for academics and activists alike who are stymied by the disconnect between deep critical scholarship and emancipatory social change, yet who will still not give up the good fight."

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Islam in the West: Issues of Identity Crisis, Multiculturalism, and Conflict

The evolution of Islam in the West and the utopian ideology of radical Muslims have ushered in political discussion in the international sphere. This book investigates the transposition of relevance from the West to Muslim civilization and the construction of reality of Muslims’ identity in Western societies. It explores different facets of Muslims and multiculturalism in constructing Muslims’ identity in Western societies. To this end, this book focuses on evolving perceptions on Muslims in the West. It does this by explaining and evaluating the symbiotic relationship between Islam and the West. In particular, it analyses the behaviour of Muslims and their pursuance of the concept of religious nationalism within Western societies. The central aim of this study is explore the difficulties in the assimilation and integration of Muslims in Western societies. It will be useful for political scientists, religious scholars and enquirers into Islam in Western societies.

Dr Yinka Olomojobi holds a PhD in international relations from Lancaster University, UK, and an LLM from the University of Liverpool, UK. He also obtained an LLB from Ogun State University, Nigeria, and is a Barrister-at-Law of the Supreme Court of Nigeria. His interests include feminist jurisprudence, human rights law, international law and international relations, conflicts in deeply divided societies and religious radicalism. He is the author of Islam and Conflict in Northern Nigeria (2013); Human Rights on Gender, Sex and the Law in Nigeria (2013); Frontiers of Jihad: Radical Islam in Africa (2015); Human Rights and Civil Liberties in Nigeria: Discussions, Analyses, and Explanations (2016); and Medical and Health Law: The Right to Health (2018). He has also contributed to prominent journals.

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