The Empathic Movement: Empathy, Essence and Experience

This book explores the newly founded Empathic Movement. The movement began in 2020, when noted artists were called upon by Menotti Lerro to sign the Empathic Manifesto, bringing their individual expressions of the “arts” together in a less individualistic way. They then started to help create a new cultural pole in southern Italy, giving life to the Contemporary Arts Centre, which founded the Poetry Village, the Village of Aphorisms, and the Cilento Poetry Prize, and shone light on a new cultural territory.

The book argues that the decentralization of culture gives voice to the silent masses, especially the peasant voices in the mountains, with a particular emphasis on intense and genuine emotion and feelings shared with others through the arts, rejecting individualism, social exclusion, and excessive competition between artists. The symbolic myth of the movement is called Unus: a semi-unknown god representing the Total Artist who was killed, torn to pieces, and thrown into the Alento river by his brothers, leading to the old separation of the arts.

Menotti Lerro is an Italian poet, writer, playwright, librettist and academic. His work explores matters of social alienation and existentialism, the physicality and vulnerability of the body, the interpretation of memories, the meaning of objects and the philosophical importance of human identity. In 2015, he published Donna Giovanna, l’ingannatrice di Salerno, an innovative feminine and bisexual version of the mythical figure of Don Juan, el Burlador de Sevilla, and in 2018 he wrote Il Dottor Faust, an original version of the character of Faust. He is also the author of a New Manifesto of Arts and the founder of the Empathic Movement (Empathism arose in the South of Italy at the beginning of 2020).

"The landscape of literature is changing as it stands to contend with technology, but we must find a new form that seeks to embrace, name and confront humanity's predicament. As a literary movement, Empathism serves not only to guide us through a new technological future, but ensures we do not lose ourselves in the process. All great literary movements have at their center a tree-like source, and in the instance of Empathism, it has found a father in Menotti Lerro; he has raised a much needed sentiment."

Michael Lieber Novelist, Essayist and Short-Story Writer

Francesco D'Episcopo

Giuseppe Lauriello

Luigi Leuzzi

Antonello Pelliccia

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