The United Nations System: A Synopsis

This volume introduces the United Nations by considering its purposes, as stated in Article 1 of its Charter. It provides a concise history of this institution, and describes its structure, concentrating on its Funds and Programmes, Specialized Agencies, and Regional Commissions. It then splits the work into two different major sections, on the basis of topic and geographical region. The former includes the following: development, education, environment, food and agriculture, and peace and security, while the latter comprises Africa, the Americas, Asia, Europe and Oceania. These are followed by reflective comments and concluding remarks.

Graeme Baber is an independent legal researcher, specializing in financial law and aspects of international law. His previous monographs are The Impact of Legislation and Regulation on the Freedom of Movement of Capital in Estonia, Poland and Latvia (2010); The Free Movement of Capital and Financial Services: An Exposition? (2014); The European Union and the Global Financial Crisis: A View from 2016 (2016); Essays on International Law (2017); International Financial Law: Quo Vadis? (2017); and Preferential Trade Agreements and International Law (2018). He is also an experienced university teacher and has published many papers.

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