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Mechanisms of Cross-Boundary Learning: Communities of Practice and Job Crafting

This book reveals the mechanism through which adults learn through boundary-crossing experiences. Boundary crossing, though defined in various ways, refers to activities in which persons belonging to different organizations collaborate in a context different from their workplace. While boundary crossing attracts researchers and practitioners as a platform for adult learning, previous analysis of its mechanism has been insufficient. To address this research gap, this text reviews literature on theories related to boundary crossing on an interdisciplinary basis, and empirically analyses the mechanism of learning through boundary crossing and associated job crafting. It also explains the concepts and techniques of the Modified-grounded theory approach (M-GTA) in order to facilitate easy understanding among researchers and practitioners in management and organization research.

While job crafting is one of the research topics attracting a large number of researchers today, there is a lack of empirical studies on this topic. This book addresses cases in Japan where various experimental projects are in progress. However, noting the fact that the labor market and human resource management (HRM) practices in Japan are not as different from other countries as is usually said, its findings can be applied to other settings across the globe.

Nobutaka Ishiyama is a Professor at Hosei Graduate School of Regional Policy Design, Japan. He received his PhD from Hosei University, and won the JAHRD Award from the Japanese Academy of Human Resource Development in 2018.

Yoshinobu Nakanishi is an Associate Professor of Business Administration at Nagasaki University, Japan. He obtained his PhD from Kobe University, Japan. He is an advisor to the Instrument Flight Procedure Panel (IFPP) organized by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

Kenta Koyama is an Associate Professor of Organizational Psychology and Career Psychology at Tokyo Keizai University, Japan. He holds a PhD from Keio University, Japan. He also teaches at Keio University and Sophia University, Japan, as a part-time lecturer.

Hiroshi Takeshita is a Professor at Tsukuba University of Technology, Japan. He holds a DBA from Aoyama Gakuin University, Japan, and a PhD in Psychology from Kyushu University, Japan. He is a board member, certified supervisor, and chairman of the workshop committee of the Japanese Society of the Modified-grounded Theory Approach (M-GTA).

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