Deconstructing the Model in 20th and 21st-Century Italian Experimental Writings

Through a series of original analyses of experimental works that exist well outside of the established territory inhabited by the Italian literary canon, or which purposely position themselves at its margins, this volume proposes a new way to understand the goals of literary experimentation as a means to break the canon and give literature the same freedom that is easily granted to other arts. This serves to allow literature itself to intersect with those other art forms, while enhancing the powerful and positive outcomes of literary experimentation. Specifically, the volume explores a series of 20th- and 21st-century Italian works that are characterized by a non-normative approach to language or the act of writing itself. The contributors, while addressing diverse writers, and often even adopting different theoretical interpretations of experimentalism itself, all analyze the intersection between experimental literatures and other art forms, as well as cross-disciplinary and non-traditional approaches to the theme of experimentation.

Beppe Cavatorta is Professor of Italian in the Department of French and Italian at the University of Arizona, USA. His research interests include experimental Italian and European writings and translation studies. He is the editor of several books and anthologies of Italian poetry, and the author of Scrivere contro (2010). His latest publications are Luigi Ballerini. Poesie 1972–2015 and, with Luigi Ballerini, Those Who from Afar Look Like Flies, an anthology of Italian poetry from Officina to the present.

Federica Santini is Professor of Italian and Interdisciplinary Studies at Kennesaw State University, USA. Her main research fields are experimental Italian and European poetry, women’s writing, and translation studies. She is the author of several collaborative volumes and Io era una bella figura una volta: Viaggio nella poesia di ricerca del secondo Novecento (2013). Her latest publication is the English language edition of the anthology I Novissimi. Poetry for the Sixties, co-edited with Luigi Ballerini (2017).

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