Antimicrobial Coatings for Biodegradable Polymers: The Medical Nanorevolution

This book provides new insights into research surrounding and applications of methodologies for the preparation of antimicrobial coatings. These coatings have the potential to be used in medical textiles and various hospital devices. The utilization of diverse nanoparticles with distinct chemical and morphological properties, optimized through sophisticated mathematical models, underpins the development of antimicrobial properties. The resulting products achieved through state-of-the-art formulations can be applied across a range of surfaces, from woven and nonwoven textiles to 3D-printed biodegradable catheters and injections.

The book presents the ability of nanoparticles to reinforce biodegradable polymers’ functionality, even in contact with microorganisms which are resistant to antibiotics, and presents an overview of their occurrence in material science, as well as their green synthesis, application, and their toxicity. This book will be, therefore, of interest to chemists and material science specialists and practitioners, as well as any reader interested in the recent scientific achievements in antimicrobial resistant materials.

Professor Iva Rezić, PhD, was a vice-dean for scientific research at the University of Zagreb’s Department of Applied Chemistry in the Faculty of Textile Technology until October 2020, where she led a group of scientists in the field of chemical analysis and material sciences, and taught course on analytical chemistry, instrumental methods of analysis, physical chemistry, textile chemistry, and computer methods for the design of experiments. She is a double doctor of science laureate, specializing in the fields of natural sciences (analytical chemistry) and technical sciences (materials engineering). She applies her professional competences in the management of projects and teams, with a current focus on the development of new materials and the analysis of old precious samples. She has published 56 scientific papers, 3 university science textbooks, and 5 chapters in scientific books.

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