Critical Race Theory and the Struggle at the Heart of Legal Education: A View from the Inside

This book is an examination of the reception of critical race theory (CRT) in America’s legal education system.

Critical race theory has been roiling legal education since the aftermath of Obama’s presidency. The killings of unarmed Black people fueled Black Lives Matter (BLM) protests in law schools, which created a sense of urgency behind the plea for the law to do more to stop the killings of unarmed Black people. Some BLM-led protests called for faculty and administers to be fired if they didn’t act.

There has been an upsurge of states legislating against the teaching of CRT, and law schools are struggling to respond. How should legal education view CRT? What are the neutral unifying values in the law that offer hope in the fight to alleviate the wave of racism that seems to continually batter law schools and society as a whole? This book looks for answers, and encourages the recommittal to the foundationalist beliefs of free speech, equality, and the due process of law.

Professor Paul Zwier has been in legal education since 1979, where he started his career in a specially designed Master of Law (LLM) course. To help meet the growing demand for law teachers in skills, Temple trained him in teaching lawyering skills (advocacy, interviewing, negotiation, counselling), as well as teaching and doing scholarship in Torts and Corporate law. He continued to teach skills, mostly in classroom simulation settings, as well as Torts, and also taught evidence, corporate law, civil litigation, and various alternative dispute resolution (ADR) courses. At Emory, he also developed a “rule of law” expertise in international law. In the US, he has taught at a private religiously affiliated law school, a state public institution, and a private law school.

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