The Music of Meaning: Essays in Cognitive Semiotics

This book is about meaning in music, poetry, and language; it is about signs: symbols, icons, diagrams, and more. It concerns art and how we communicate, how we make sense to each other—including the concept of nonsense. It is about metaphor and irony. It embraces a vast human universe of signification and some of its cognitive machines of meaning-making: a complex and diverse unfolding of the expressive human mind. These 24 essays study different aspects of the way we signify, present recent research and models of such processes, and discuss the—often intricate—problems of understanding the relations between expression and thought. In evolution, music may have preceded the language of words, and music remains indirectly present in every temporal unfolding of bodily, affective, playful, meaningful activity. We are immersed in meaning and have to ‘listen’ to it since it constitutes the semiotic reality structuring the world as we experience it.

Per Aage Brandt received his doctorate at the Sorbonne, Paris, in 1987. He has published more than 250 articles and book chapters and more than 15 books in English, French, and Danish, mainly in semiotics, linguistics, cognitive semantics, poetics, narratology, musicology, and philosophy of meaning. He is also a literary translator and writer, and a jazz pianist.

Line Brandt is the author of The Communicative Mind (2013), and holds a doctorate in Cognitive Semiotics and a Master's in Philosophy and English. Her publications include translations of literature and literary theory, an edited book on cognitive poetics, and academic papers on cognitive linguistics and philosophy.

Ulf Cronquist, PhD, is a scholar and researcher in English literature and cognitive semiotics. He has published many articles and presented his research at conferences worldwide with a focus on how the mind processes textual and literary artifacts in an everyday and sophisticated sense.

Peter Hanenberg is a Professor of Culture Studies at Universidade Católica Portuguesa, Lisbon, and Director of the Research Center CECC. He has published articles on the relation between history and literature and on the literary representation of Europe. Currently, he is working in the intersection of cultural studies and the cognitive sciences.

Austin Bennett holds an MA in Cognitive Science from Case Western Reserve University, USA. He is a freelance researcher and currently designs industrial big data processing systems.

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