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Heritage Language Education in Greece and Cyprus

Amid the growing trend of preserving ethnic languages within diverse ethnolinguistic communities in Greece and Cyprus, our understanding of heritage language education in these countries remains limited. The chapters in this collection undertake a thoughtful exploration of language education in the world’s two majority-Greek-speaking contexts. The volume brings together empirical studies that exhibit the array of heritage language education options available in Greece and Cyprus today, including community/complementary schools operating on weekends or after regular school hours, providing language and culture classes in a range of languages (e.g., Albanian, Czech, Armenian, Russian), day schools (such as Italian and Hebrew schools), and 'family language schools' developed within the UNICEF framework. Collectively, these chapters establish a novel evidence base describing the diversity of the heritage language education landscape, which could act as a catalyst for further research and potentially drive change in both policy and practice. Importantly, the volume renders heritage language education initiatives in Greece and Cyprus visible – mainly to scholars, but potentially also to practitioners, policymakers, and other stakeholders in this evolving social, educational, and linguistic domain.

Nikos Gogonas studied at the Universities of Athens, Greece (BA), Reading, UK (MA), and Sussex, UK (DPhil). He is Assistant Professor of Intercultural Communication and Globality at the Department of Language and Intercultural Studies, University of Thessaly, Greece. He has also taught at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, the Hellenic Open University, Greece, and the University of Luxembourg, where he conducted his postdoctoral research. He has published extensively on language ideologies, language maintenance and shift, ethnolinguistic vitality, and family language policies in contexts of migration.

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George Androulakis

Aspasia Chatzidaki

Giota Gatsi

Anastasia Gkaintartzi

Nikos Gogonas

Iren Hovhannisyan

Elena Ioannidou

Petros Karatsareas

Sviatlana Karpava

Anastasia Kesidou

Vally Lytra

Kostas Magos

Christina Maligkoudi

Anna Mouti

Sylvia Protopapa

Giorgos Simopoulos

Maria Skoumperdi

Areti-Maria Sougari

Lida Stergiou

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