Clinical Expressive Arts Therapy in Theory and Practice: Psychodynamic Snapshots

This volume makes a tremendous contribution to the field of expressive arts therapy through its presentation of clear and profound theoretical bases to a relatively new profession in the domain of psychotherapy. It applies comprehensive, in-depth psychological knowledge to practical cases which shed light on clinical interventions that reflect the use of art in psychotherapy. The book provides a fruitful and much needed theoretical kaleidoscope to the professional community of expressive arts therapy.

Avi Goren-Bar, PhD, is a clinical and educational psychologist and an expressive arts therapist. He is a member of the Israeli Association of Psychotherapy and the European Association of Gestalt Therapy, and a graduate of the Jerusalem Center for Jungian Studies. He is the founder of five certificate programs for expressive arts therapy and coaching in Athens, Istanbul, Zagreb, Belgrade and Ljubljana, and the creator of Jungian Coaching programs in Istanbul, Athens and Ljubljana. He is a Senior Lecturer in the Master’s program for Art Therapy at Beit-Berl Academic College, Israel. His publications include The Secrets of Expressive Arts Therapy and Coaching: A Dialogue between Master and Disciple (2018).

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