Meltdown and the Neuroscience of Stress

This book investigates the concept of stress, how it causes a cluster of life-threatening diseases, in particular Alzheimer's disease, and what you can do to save yourself. It is the summation of what the author, a neurologist, has learned about stress throughout his career. Stress damages the brain in specific ways that cause migraine headaches, high blood pressure, and diabetes. These conditions lead eventually to Alzheimer's disease. The take-home message of the book is that cutting the nerve supply to the adrenal glands can prevent Alzheimer's disease. This book will appeal to the medical community, including doctors, nurses, and medical students, as well as to the general reader who suffers from stress or is worried about Alzheimer's disease.

Arnold Eggers is an academic neurologist who made a mid-career shift into theoretical medicine. He has published eighteen articles in the journal Medical Hypotheses describing the effects of stress. He retired last year from joint appointments at SUNY-Downstate Medical Center in Brooklyn, NY, and Kings County Hospital. He is currently Associate Professor Emeritus of Neurology at SUNY-Downstate.

“The slimness of this volume belies its importance. Professor Eggers has built on several of his published papers and his enormous clinical experience by marshalling evidence widely, across many sub-specialities of modern medicine, across several preclinical areas, and across a large timespan of publications. In doing so, he has formulated a robust, eminently testable, model which provides a deep pathophysiological understanding of the aetiology both of a range of neuropsychiatric disorders, ranging from Alzheimer’s disease to schizophrenia, and of other all-too-common disorders such as obesity and hypertension. The Eggers Model immediately suggests attractive therapeutic options for these disorders. I cannot recommend this book too highly. The time spent reading it will be richly rewarded. It deserves a place on the bookshelves of every medical student and practising physician. Researchers, both preclinical and translational, interested in common medical diseases such as the ones mentioned above would also benefit from studying this work. The author does not assume that his readers have attended medical school. On the contrary, he takes the time patiently to walk the reader through fundamental concepts and terminology. Every so often, there are summary paragraphs which allow the reader to recap what has been covered and established in preceding pages. A smattering of well-chosen diagrams also aid the reader. Thus it is that I can confidently also recommend this book to patients, relatives and non-medical carers.”
Professor B. K. Puri
Imperial College London

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