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Track Access Charges in Freight Transport

Given that there are still many unclear concepts, mutual contradictions and imperfections in methodologies used in the field of track access charging, this book acts as a communication tool for researchers, and discusses these charges with regard to rail freight competitiveness. It addresses four main topics: namely, the technical features of freight transportation and the costs incurred; the impact of incoherence and volatility of freight traffic volume; the market response to the track access charge level; and the influence of transport policy and state subsidies.

The text will appeal to infrastructure managers around the world, especially those in networks where there is an intention either to facilitate the shift of freight to railways or to develop rail freight corridors. It illustrates that there are significant differences in the causation of costs on passenger and freight railways, and raises important questions that must be considered when communicating with consumers and the state.

Justina Hudenko has a doctoral degree in Economics and is the author of more than 200 scientific publications, of which a considerable part concern track access charges. She was appointed the Chairwoman of the Board of JSC “LatRailNet” (Latvian railway’s allocation and charging body) in July 2016, and plays a key role in social dialogues, including acting in working groups organized by the European Commission and the Ministry of Transport, the Latvian Transit Business Association, and the Latvian Chamber of Commerce transport infrastructure committee. She is currently an Assistant Professor at Riga Technical University, Latvia.

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