The 'New' Documentary Nexus: Networked|Networking in Interactive Assemblages

In the last ten years, the field of documentary has been subject to substantial paradigm shifts due to the rise of digital media practices. This publication explores some central questions arising in this context: Who are the different interactors networking within the ‘new’ documentary nexus? How can we conceptualize interactive documentary practices as encounters and dynamic interactions within digital media culture and beyond? How can one methodologically approach this complex networked yet dynamic nexus in its constant flux?

Developing a coherent and expandable operational set of methods to describe and analyse paradigmatic cases, this book addresses documentary theorists, (new) media scholars and students of media and communication studies who want to gain a survey of current developments in the field of interactive documentary practices.

Anna Wiehl has worked as a Lecturer and Research Assistant at the University of Bayreuth, Germany, and as a Research Fellow with i-docs at the Digital Cultures Research Centre at the University of the West of England. Her research focuses on digital media cultures and documentary practices, storytelling and network theories. She is currently leading a research project on interactive documentary titled “New Documentary Networks and Worknets: Emerging Practices of Participation and Co-Creation in Interactive Documentary Ecologies”. Her publications include Mythos Europäische Identität – Supranationale, nationale und regionale Identitäten in deutschen und französischen Fernsehnachrichten (2012).

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