A Step-by-Step Guide for Using Uploaded Resources for a Fully Online Course

Step-by-step, this book details how to use uploaded resources to ensure a quality and complete online course. It brings together contemporary research and empirical evidence to explain why one can use the suggested practical, tried-and-tested methods. With the help of an instructional designer, it is not necessary to be proficient with any Learning Management System (LMS). The simple three step plan outlined in this book involves identifying one’s relevant learning outcomes, learning resources, and learning activities. Each step is clearly detailed, and the core material is supplemented with summaries and graphics throughout.

Betty McDonald is a Professor at the University of Trinidad and Tobago, and has close to 50 years of academic experience. She has taught at all levels of the education system, and has served as Visiting Professor to numerous universities across five continents. A member of several professional associations and a reviewer for many journals, she is the author of over 100 publications, including 38 academic books and more than 70 articles in various international journals. A Fulbright Fellow, Haggai Institute Fellow, and Commonwealth Fellow, her research interests include assessment, teaching and learning, problem-based learning, service learning, applied statistics, project management, and technical and vocational education.

"The book is a relevant, desktop guide and self-help resource for the busy reflective academic who aspires to having an engaging and well thought out fully online course. Many readers will be able to identify with my experience of moving my course from face-to-face delivery mode to being offered fully online. From my experience of scrambling to meet due dates to offer subjects online I recall vividly moments of panic and slight embarrassment during the first iteration. The main reasons for the ‘rushed’ and less than perfect course, were inadequate institutional resources to provide appropriate guidance and hands-on support to offer a quality online subject. Having this Guide would really have helped me! You will find this book invaluable if you, like other academics, are wanting to upload resources to create a fully online course or to review or enhance existing online courses. The book offers an easy three step plan for organising already uploaded resources to produce a fully online course: 1) identifying Learning Outcomes, 2) reorganising already uploaded Learning Resources, and 3) adding appropriate Learning Activities. You will have the opportunity to interrogate the pedagogical underpinnings for decisions made relating to Learning Outcomes, the order of Learning Resources and appropriate Learning Activities for optimal learning. You are offered several empirical, evidence-based, step- by-step, practical, strategies to upload apt resources and create online learning activities that result in quality online courses."

(Dr Kogi Naidoo, Associate Professor & Director, Learning Academy, Charles Sturt University, Australia, 2019)

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