Lessons from the Kalahari: Tracking Teachers’ Professional Development

Lessons from the Kalahari: Tracking Teachers’ Professional Development explores how Northern Cape teachers, who were enrolled in a Bachelor of Education (in-service) course, responded to three professional-development modules specialising in mathematics education, English language teaching, and Foundation Phase teaching, respectively. Mainly through fine-grained analyses of their classroom practice, the studies in this volume demonstrate how these teachers grappled with new content knowledge and pedagogical innovations to improve the quality of teaching in their classrooms. The chapters include case studies that range across a variety of pedagogical topics, including mathematics and English teachers’ classroom practices, involvement of parents of Foundation Phase learners, and learners’ autonomous mathematics learning.

The book makes an original, empirically-based contribution to the understanding of the challenges confronting primary and secondary school teachers in remote rural parts of Northern Cape province, South Africa.

Monica Hendricks is Director of the Institute for the Study of the Englishes of Africa at Rhodes University, South Africa. She teaches and coordinates an under-graduate course for teachers of English as an additional language, mostly in rural schools, and supervises post-graduate research. Her recent publications include editing and contributing two chapters to ISEA 1964-2014 – A Research Institute Serving People (2016), and “Challenging the Quiet Violence of a Powerful Language: Translanguaging Towards Transformative Teaching in South Africa” in Plurilingualism in Teaching and Learning: Complexities across Contexts (2018).

Giulietta Harrison was the Director of the Centre for Social Development at Rhodes University, South Africa. She has most recently taken up the post of Executive Director for Africa A+ Schools, which aims to improve the quality of early childhood education in under privileged contexts. Her research focuses on early childhood education (ECE) and use of Emotional Intelligence (EI) to improve teachers’ pedagogy. She has also written a considerable amount of open-source material related to EI, parenting, and literacy in ECE. Currently the President of the South African Research Association for Early Childhood Education, she drives developmental work in ECE.

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Niombekhaya Fulani

Thomas Haywood

Monica Hendricks

Jennifer Hodgskiss

Liz Johanson Botha

Sego Matlala

Rethabile Mawela

Madeyandile Mbelani

Karen McCarthy

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Tom Penlington

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